Team registrations for the LAN have sold out. You can still purchase a spectator pass here if you want to attend!

NA Sixes Open LAN 2024

Important Dates & Info

Spectator Passes

All individuals coming to spectate RGL LAN 2024 will need to purchase either a 1-day or 2-day spectator pass.

One Day Spectator Pass Fee: $20
Two Day Spectator Pass Fee: $30
Purchasing works by clicking on the "Purchase" button below. This will take you to a page where you can complete your payment details. Valid proof of purchase will need to be presented at the venue.

Specator 1 Day Pass


Specator 2 Day Pass


Admin Placement

All teams participating in the 6s Open Tournament for RGL LAN 2024 will register for Admin Placement.

Fees: $60 a player
- There will be a maximum of 12 teams that can play in the Open LAN. This is on a first come, first served basis meaning the first 6 teams with 6 players paid up will be prioritized for placement in the tournament.
- Teams will have access to their own assigned PCs for the tournament.
- LAN fees are non-refundable.

Prizes: RGL Merch

6 Group Stage Rounds

2 Playoff Brackets (4 teams in each)

Day 1 - Group Stage Round 1 starts at 1:00 PM EDT. Playoffs Round 1 starts at 8:00 PM EDT.

Day 2 - Playoffs Grand Finals/3rd Place match starts at 12:30 PM EDT.

Create Team

Create Team

Join Existing Team

Join Team

How to find a team to join

Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort.

New Players to Competitive:

We encourage you to make a post in the websites Looking For Team (LFT) section and also post in our Discord #lft channel.

You should also contact leaders of teams who need a player. You can find them listed in the Teams Looking for Players (LFP) section and also the LFP section of our Discord #lfp channel.

Experienced Players to Competitive:

We particularly encourage you to make a thread on the RGL LFT forums section. This will allow you to advertise yourself to higher profile teams.

Browsing the LFP section of the forums will also present you with many teams that are looking to recruit players.