RGL.gg Pilot Season - Registration

Team creation deadline has passed. You can only join existing teams now.



This is a division made for people who already have a group of people they want to play with and are ready to have some fun playing tf2. You will be placed in a league with other premade recreational teams and your team will be given a server.

5wk season + playoffs

1 pre-setup server



This is the division for players who want to have strong competition, but might not be ready to compete against the top teams. This division may be broken out into multiple tiers depending on the number of sign ups.

5wk season + playoffs

$1000 min. prizepool



This is the highest division in RGL and will have the largest prizepool. This is the division for the top level players who want fight against the best. Suggested previous experience: Platinum, Gold, Invite or IM.

6wk season + playoffs

$3000 min. prizepool