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RGL LAN Update #1

   exa   - 7/5/2021
This article was originally drafted on 06/13. There has been a recent update that applies to Canadians that are fully vaccinated to be void from mandatory quarantine procedures.

Earlier at the start of Season 2, we had announced the RGL LAN for our Invite 6s Playoffs, held at Helix eSports in North Bergen, New Jersey taking place in the course of one weekend. In a subsequent article, we had discussed information about the LAN, such as schedule, rules, tournament structure, and more. The promise of having the first North American playoff LAN event in 5 years was exciting and was something that we believe to be vital for the future of our scene. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we opted to not run the LAN as this would pose a significant risk to the players and the community.

Since then, we have recently begun communicating and planning a road map for bringing a LAN back to NA for the first time in nearly 2 years. We are still in communication with Helix Esports, who is just as eager as we are to host our event, and we still hold our initial deposit. However, the primary obstacles we are currently surveying are:

  • Continued uncertainty regarding Canada-US border restrictions, affecting all non-essential travel over the border
  • Monitoring of COVID restrictions in the New Jersey area, which has affected businesses such as Helix eSports
  • Planning a timeline of when the next LAN can occur, which is affected by these restrictions

To ensure all players currently living in Canada can attend without tackling such a burden and ease the logistics of travel, RGL will be constantly monitoring the situation in areas like Canada that affect current Invite teams and be ready to roll out plans and announcements for LAN as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience!