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RGL Invite Season 2 LAN & 6v6 Playoffs

   exa   - 3/3/2020
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RGL 6s S2 LAN Information

At the start of Season 2, we announced that RGL will be hosting a LAN for the Invite 6s Playoffs, held at Helix eSports in North Bergen, New Jersey. With the regular season wrapping up for all divisions, we want to discuss preparation details and answer questions as we approach the March 29th LAN Date.

LAN Staff Roster

Tournament Head: Daffodil
Production Head: DolphiN
Community Head: Yosephus

Admins on site:



NOTE: More to be determined. If you’re interested in casting and are traveling to LAN please contact DolphiN.


LAN Rules

  • Sportsmanship and conduct rules will be upheld at LAN. All code of conduct infractions will result in punishments of higher severity than normal. Our code of conduct rules extends to all behavior in the venue that may reflect poorly on the league and players. This includes discriminatory speech and otherwise general unprofessional behavior.
  • Leaking of any remote STV connection information or equivalent items will result in extreme penalization and suspension inside of the league.
  • Players on playoffs teams will be held to a high standard regarding tardiness, communication with admins, and general conduct. Failure to follow behavioral standards outlined by staff will result in minor/major penalties at the discretion of admins.
  • Live coaching is prohibited while matches are active.
  • Players are not permitted to stream casted matches at the LAN venue.
  • Following RGL or Helix staff instructions promptly and respectfully is required.

A more finalized ruleset including pauses, matches, and other issues will be finalized and sent to teams in the coming weeks.


The teams that have secured their spot for the RGL Invite 6s Playoffs LAN (the first league playoffs LAN since 2015) are:

LAN Tournament structure

The tournament will be run in a double elimination bracket, with matches played over best of three maps. Grand finals will be played best of 5 maps with a one map advantage given to the upper bracket finalist. Matches will be split up over Saturday and Sunday, and will be casted on the official RGL Twitch stream.

Configs / PC Peripherals / ETC.

Players are encouraged to bring their own game configs (on a thumbdrive or stored online) and computer peripherals to the LAN venue. PCs (HP Omen Gaming PCs) and monitors (144hz refresh rate) will be provided to players. In the event that players are missing computer peripherals, Helix eSports has a store fit with Razer mice, keyboards, and headsets (Kraken Tournament Edition) available to use for free.

Prize Pools

The prize pools for season 2 divisions are as follows:

The majority of the Season 2 prize pool will be skewed towards top 4 teams as compensation for LAN flights and accommodations. In seasons not featuring LAN playoffs, more normalized prize distributions may be expected.

Online Playoffs

Playoffs inside of non-Invite divisions will begin the week of March 15th, and conclude the week of April 12th. All matches will be run best of 3 maps, with maps selected by the following pick ban process:
A Bans | B Bans | A Picks | B Picks | A Bans | B Bans | A Bans
The home team (higher seed) will select whether to be team A or team B.

All online playoff brackets will consist of 8 teams (or 16 teams in the open division) seeded by regular season results in a single elimination format.