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RGL S2 LAN Playoffs: Update with the Coronavirus

   exa   - 3/16/2020
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RGL 6s S2 LAN Information
RGL Invite Season 2 LAN & 6v6 Playoffs

Earlier at the start of Season 2, we had announced the RGL LAN for our Invite 6s Playoffs, held at Helix eSports in North Bergen, New Jersey. In subsequent articles, we had discussed information about the LAN, such as schedule, rules, tournament structure, and more. The promise of having the first North American playoff LAN event in 5 years was exciting and was something that we believe to be vital for the future of our scene.

In recent events, RGL issued an announcement regarding COIVD-19 and its potential effects on the LAN.

In the same weekend, the RGL team contacted the 4 playoff Invite 6v6 teams for a meeting. In the meeting, discussion regarding the potential impact the virus has on LAN, listening to the concerns and opinions of the players attending the tournament, and coming to a decision how to proceed. The league and all team agreed that the safety and health concerns of the coronavirus was of upmost importance. The RGL team prioritizes a safe environment for our players and we will opt to not run the LAN if we strongly feel that it will pose a significant risk to the players and our community.

As such, the following will occur:

  • The RGL LAN held in Helix eSports from March 28-29th will be postponed for the Season 3 Invite Playoffs (Season 3 Invite Playoff teams will secure their spot for this LAN). This means that RGL Season 2 Invite Playoffs will be held and played in an online environment.
  • The RGL 6s Season 2 Invite Online Playoffs will consist of 2 playoff matches a week, spanning three weeks.
  • We are in the process of securing the exact dates for when the S3 LAN will be held, so players/spectators can have the option to move their flights to a later date.

This decision was made for a variety of reasons. A brief summation of those reasons is listed here:

  • Most major airlines allowing for universal flight rescheduling / ticket changes in light of the coronavirus outbreaks.
  • Guaranteed full refunds of all accommodations made through Airbnb.
  • Concerns that players may contract the virus, and/or bring the virus to their families/local communities.
  • A recent NJ, NY, CT law not allowing for gatherings of 50 or more people
  • Uncertainty regarding flight suspensions and quarantine measures in the New Jersey area (for both Domestic flights and those over the Canadian/US border). Closure of stores, restaurants, and other businesses in surrounding locations.

Although this news may be disappointing for our community, RGL will continue to push for a North American LAN in 2020. We are aware of the unique circumstances and events that the COVID-19 situation has brought, and we thank everyone for their support. We are determined to continue to move and push the scene forward and hope you can continue to stay with us along the journey.