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Global Rule Updates and September 2022 Bans

   exa   - 10/15/2022
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Global Rule Updates

[1004.3] - Probation has been updated to clarify that probation applies for a player that receives a delayed offseason league ban and a subsequent ban before the first ban becomes active.

[1004.11.1] - Off-season Bans is not adding anything new but is being updated to make it clearer that players with a delayed offseason league ban are restricted from using RGL platforms (e.g. Discord) or cups until the ban expires.

[1006.1] - Team Names, Tags, and Avatars has been updated to add that team names, tags, and avatars cannot contain or reference gambling sites or other sites promoting content to minors.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article. If you would like to file a report, you can do so on our site here. Appeals can also be found on the same page.

NOTE: We only look at user-submitted reports. If you do not file a report, then there is a good chance we have not seen it and cannot deal with the situation.


The following player(s) have been caught cheating by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned:


Update on the player(s) that have been banned while on probation:

  • CripOnion - Violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage (3x). - 120 weeks (4th ban inside of RGL, 2nd ban on probation)
  • Toe - Continued violation of [1004.4.1] - Permanently banned players in a scrimmage to enable permanently banned players to harass players during scrims. - Permanent (6th ban inside of RGL, 3rd ban on probation)

After the minimum period has been served, the player(s) can appeal to have the ban lifted if they can show that they've improved themselves and how they interact within the community.

Sportsmanship and Spirit

The following player(s) have/had been suspended for 1-6 weeks for their usage of racist slurs, homophobic or transphobic language, excessive toxicity, flaming, or derogatory language on our platforms. Repeat offenders will get longer ban lengths.

  • Vege - Transphobic comments during an RGL match. Offseason ban delayed for the start of RGL Highlander Season 13. - 2 Weeks // First Offense
  • BapBungus - Use of a homophobic slur during a scrim. Offseason ban delayed for the start of RGL Highlander Season 13. - 2 Weeks // First Offense
  • Lenny - Use of a racial slur in an RGL match. - 6 Weeks // 2nd Offense


The following account(s) have been banned for having VAC bans that may be affecting TF2. If you have a VAC ban for a game that is not TF2, please contact an admin to get the ban removed.

You can read further details and context about each of the player's bans by viewing their discipline history on their RGL profile.

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