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RGL Sandbagging & Class Restriction Guidelines

   exa   - 1/27/2021
In general, we will class restrict:

  • If a person has made the top 3 in the same division
  • If a person has made playoffs in the division above
  • If a person is demonstrably better in a class than everyone else in a division

Restrictions are context-dependent and may change across teams. For example, a player on one team may not have the same set of restrictions if they switch to another team in the same division. The addition of a player to a roster may also add restrictions to other players on that team.

In general, we largely favor recent experience and demonstrated current skill to historical performance as we find it better reflects a player's actual ability. There are also always exceptions, such as when a player is particularly bad or good at an offclass or was noticeably the strongest or weakest player on a previous team. We also handle medic experience differently, and will largely look at a player's fragging class ability rather than the med level when evaluating what division they can play. At the moment, we operate mostly under the assumption that if you're rostering on a team, you're able to play at or close to that level.

Div-1 and Advanced are special cases for sandbagging restrictions, as they are the divisions below Invite, which is at the top and has a fixed size. In an ideal world, the restrictions here would be much lighter as Invite will be filled with the best players and those who play in the division below were unable to make Invite that season. However, the restrictions can also be much heavier. For example, in Div-1 and Advanced 6s, if Invite only has 6 teams out of an 8-10 team capacity, heavier restrictions will be applied to Div-1 and Advanced.

For teams that get knocked out of a qualifier for a particular division, they will all be allowed to play in the lower division with the class restrictions that would have applied in the higher division. Please note that throwing in qualifiers is subject to a league suspension and penalties as written in [1008.13] - Match Throwing / League Fixing.