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RGL S3 - Division Restructure and Website/Rule Updates

   nabla   - 5/21/2020
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Our admin team has been reviewing team placements and has opted to make a few structural changes to the 6s divisions. A particular area of interest for us was a skill gap between the lower and upper halves of the advanced division, as well as a reluctance for teams to form inside of Invite.

Given the current distribution of teams, we have opted to keep 10 advanced teams together initially. The remaining teams will combine with main teams that admins noted as potential moveup candidates. The creation of the new division will also require for a slight alteration to our naming scheme. The higher section will be classified as ‘Div-1’, and the merger division will then be ‘Div-2’.

League fees for Div-2 will mirror the league fees in Main. Div-1 will mirror the league fees of advanced. Consequently, players who have paid league fees in advanced will receive appropriate refunds when registering for Div-2. Similarly, players from the main division will not be receiving extra charges in Div-2.

ZoomxZe will be taking over the role as division admin in Div-2, with Makkabeus remaining for Div-1.

The initial list of teams participating in Div-1 and Div-2 can be seen below.

***If you feel your team is placed incorrectly in any division you should contact relevant division admins.

Following Season 3 we will be updating rules regarding team and player moveups. Future news regarding this topic will be released at a later date.

Additionally, a change was pushed through our website that requires admins to view and approve roster transactions in placed teams. This has been done due to teams not consulting admins before picking up inappropriately experienced players. If a player submits a team join request and has remained pending longer than 24 hours please contact an admin.