Important Season Dates
Mandatory Updated RGL Plugin (With Competitive Fixes and Season 3 Whitelist)
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If you are using a serveme server, the required competitive fixes will be enabled by default when you execute a RGL config.
- The Season 3 Whitelist is also updated and on serveme servers now.

Season 3 Registration Extension

   Daffodil   - 5/15/2020
Original Announcement

Season 3 registration has been extended by one week. This has been done to accommodate for the various teams missing one or two players, or who need additional time to pay up. The altered dates for season 3 will now be:
  • May 22nd- New team registration closes
  • May 23rd- Payments due
  • May 24th- First Matches scheduled
  • May 26th- First default match date in Invite/Advanced/Main/IM
  • May 27th- First default match date in Amateur/Newcomer
  • Jun 12th- Weekly roster join limit of two per week is added
  • Jul 5th- Rosters lock
  • Jul 19th- Regular season ends

See our previous article regarding league changes from Season 2 here.