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RGL HL S5: Award Polls and Season Recap

   exa   - 4/25/2020
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Highlander Season 5 Awards

Something that we will be returning in RGL HL Season 5 are the seasonal awards polls.

Disclaimer: The players were nominated by Invite leaders for each category. There are three nominations for each category, except the categories where there were ties in the number of nominations. You must use a registered RGL account to be eligible to vote.

– syath, triiple, speedy
– Daffodil, Etney, crab_f, wise
– Inquisition, oblivion, spring rolls, Tacos
– Flare, rj, Jarrett, logan
– Rue, Kresnik, Rayman5000
– exa_, Aaron, Starfruit66, rosario
– Rogue, zuchima, Alto, ZoomxZe, DZCreeper
– bo4r, watterson, Fallen Gourd
– evil, Dimento, agb, Dave
Caster of the Season – VoxDei, zagron, Alto, Flare
Debut of the Season – Jpeg, avian, agb
Best Player of the Season – Jarrett, syath, Watterson, Dimento

Voting will close on Saturday (05/02) and the results will be announced on the forums on that day at 10:30 PM EST announce the winners.

Season 5 Recap

The season of RGL HL have ended and the winners have been determined.

Congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place: Kingdom Death Monster
3rd Place: Man Crush Monday

1st Place: I Hate Mondays
2nd Place: lay civ5
3rd Place: Home Depot eSports

1st Place: perc30
2nd Place: whalemart ringme
3rd Place: We Overslept..

1st Place: The Kaboom Kollective
2nd Place: Worse Comp Format
3rd Place: Thunderstorm

1st Place: shinyCIA
2nd Place: People Against Alarm Clocks
3rd Place: Kalgan

Adjustments to Highlander Divisions and Placements

As the Fifth season of RGL Highlander has come to a close, our Highlander staff have reviewed the overall health of the Highlander divisions. In Season 5, Advanced had three teams disband mid-season, bringing the team count from 13 teams to 10 teams by the end of the season. Main had six teams disband mid-season bringing the team count from 19 teams to 13 teams by the end of the season.

For Season 6, we will be shifting how we place teams into divisions for Highlander. The Advanced Division will be limited to eight team slots and will be using a round robin scheduling structure. The Main Division will be limited to twelve team slots and will be using a swiss scheduling structure.

If a team desires to play in a division not found to be accurate to their team’s ability, their placement will be adjusted appropriately. If a single player is outside of the general skill level of the rest of the team, that player will be removed from the roster.

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