What is the RGL.gg Prolander One Day Cup?

It is a one day tournament for teams / groups of friends of ANY skill level to have fun and win prizes playing Prolander. The Prolander one day cup will happen on January 27th, 2019 starting at 2pm Eastern and will last for about 3-5 hours.

How much does it cost to enter?

It's FREE to enter!

50% of the teams that enter will win keys!

We will seperate out teams into divisions of eight teams of similiar skill level. Each team will play four to five matches. Teams that finish in the top half of their divisions will win 7 keys and the team that finishes in first will win 14 keys!

What skill levels can play in the Prolander One Day Cup?

All Skill Levels are welcome! Teams will not select their division to play in, but Admins will look at the teams past comp experience and place you with seven other teams of simliar skill. This will help against teams purposefully sandbagging and help make a fun competitive enviroment for new competitive players, as well as highly experienced players.

When we are deciding what divisions to place teams in. We will weight a teams skill level more heavily on their best players and less on their worst.

When is it?

The Prolander one day cup will happen on January 27th starting at 2pm Eastern and will last for about 3-5 hours.

How do I sign my team up?

Click the registration button below and then click create team.

I'm looking for a team to join

You can place an ad on our Looking for Team (LFT) section of our website. I suggest you also check out and continue to check out the Looking For Players (LFP) section. This is where teams will post if they are looking for players to join their team.

What is Prolander?

Prolander is a 7v7 TF2 format where you only can have one of each class -- meaning that at any given time you'll see a majority of TF2 classes actually being played! This also means you'll have to constantly be thinking about what classes are best in that moment, to help your team or counter theirs.

  • Is the enemy spy having a great game?   Switch to pyro to help shut them down.
  • Is their sniper locking down an area?   Go spy to try and put some pressure onto them.
  • Need to extra defense for the final point?   Run an engineer and heavy to have that extra firepower.

Overall it plays like a faster paced,dynamic and more competitive version of a casual match.

What region is this?

This is a North American (NA) cup. You can play if you are not in NA, but you must have resonable ping (150) to Chicago servers.
Teams can have up to two non-NA players who have reasonable ping, but we will not allow a full team from another region into this cup anymore.

Other Frequently Ask Questions

How many games do we play?

Every team will play four to five matches.

When do the matches start?

The first round will start on Sunday, January 27th @ 2pm Eastern. The subsequent rounds will start when all teams in their division finish the previous round.

Where is my schedule?

If you're team is playing, you can see the matches on the match page.

How do we get server info?

All team leaders should be setup in our RGL discord, we will distribute server info to the captains through discord the day of.

What maps are we playing*?

Viaduct, Coalplant, Cascade, Upward, Borneo is the map pool for this ODC. To see what maps you're team will be playing, check out your specific division in the league table page.

What weapons are allowed?

We are using a modified RGL season 5 whitelist. You can see all bans @ whitelist. The change from S5 to this is the Cozy Camper and Darwins Danger Shield have been banned.

We need a ringer/sub who is not register on our team!

In order to use a ringer/sub on your team, who isn't already registered on your roster. You must ask the admin of your division for their approval. Admins can deny the ringer if they are too high skilled.

How do I get my prizes?

The winning team leaders will be contacted over discord to get their steam trade urls.

I have an issue! I need help!!

Contact your division admin on our RGL discord.

When do keys get paid out?

We will contact the captains of the winning teams in the next 7-14 days over discord. We will request their steam trade url and deliever all won keys directly to them.

When do we get our badges?

We will distribute them within a week of the cup finishing or after Valve places them into the game.