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RGL HL Season 17: Updated Staff List, Map Pool, and S16 Survey Results

   Jercer   - 1/4/2024


Updated Staff List for Season 17

We'd like to welcome Vandeer and EvenNine to Highlander staff!

Head Admin: Jercer

Division Admins
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: Bliztank
Main: Ta5K
Intermediate: Alltrex
Amateur: Garbo
Newcomer: Xenagos

Division Moderators
Advanced: EvenNine
Main: Vandeer
Intermediate: Cinderace
Amateur: Krissy
Newcomer: DusterDan35

Floating Staff: Kitt(eh)

Season 17 Map Pool

The Season 17 Map Pool (In No Particular Order):

koth_ashville_final1 - Ashville has received a small update from the mapmakers that fixes missing textures on the point when TF2 is run in DX8. No gameplay changes were made.

koth_proot_b6c-alt2 - Proot is back! The newest version, koth_proot_b6c-alt2, reverts the balcony changes made in koth_proot_b6b (the alternate version of Proot run in Season 15). This version also fixes asymmetry issues found in koth_proot_b6c-alt.

cp_steel - Valve Steel will be run as an alternative map to cp_steel_f12. cp_steel can be played in place of cp_steel_f12 in a match if both teams participating agree to do so in match comms.

pl_upward_f11 - Refresh Upward has received an update since last season. View the changes here.

Season 16 Post-Season Survey Results

After reading your written feedback, I would like to generally respond to some of the responses that we received.
  • Making a ticket (not DMing) is the best and fastest way to reach out to your division admin/moderator.
  • We are coordinating better with 6s when it comes to playoff scheduling.
  • If you think that a player is cheating, you must file an Anti-Cheat report. We as HL staff do not have anything to do with decision-making when it comes to this. We also cannot expedite Anti-Cheat reports.
  • If you think that a player should be restricted that is not or should not be restricted that is, please open a ticket as soon as possible. The sooner the discussion is started, the better.
  • The skill level of divisions is relative between seasons. This means that a division may be stronger or weaker, depending on who is playing in a given season. Because Invite and Advanced consist of the Top 16 teams in the league, the trickle down effect is that skill level will vary across the board. Restrictions from season to season can also vary because of this.
  • We as HL staff do make mistakes! This being said, if we make an incorrect ruling, we will do our best to not make that ruling mistake again. Two rights do not make a wrong (but three rights make a left). We, of course, aim to not make mistakes and to fix mistakes that can be fixed.

General Division and Admin Survey Results

General Map Survey Results

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