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RGL 6s Season 13 - Map Pool, Admin List, Final Dates, & Reminders

   je'mond   - 9/15/2023

SFM by Raos

Important Dates for 6s Season 13

  • Sunday, August 21st - New Team Registration Opens
  • Sunday, September 3rd - New Team Registration Closes at 11:59 PM EDT (New Team Registration is Now Closed!)
  • Monday, September 4th - Invite Team Logos Due @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • Friday, September 11th - Invite Qualifiers Canceled
  • Saturday, September 15th - Invite Qualifiers Canceled Divison Payments Due
  • Sunday, September 24th - Team Placements Finalized, Week 1 Matches Posted
  • Monday, September 25th - Season 13 Week 1 of the Regular Season Begins
  • Sunday, November 5th - Rosters Lock for All Divisions at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Sunday, November 12th - Last Day for Rescheduling of Regular Season Matches
  • Monday, November 27th - Playoffs Begin (Invite Playoffs Schedule to be Announced Later)
  • Sunday, December 17th - Last Day for Playoffs Matches

  • See the bottom of this Article for full, detailed dates for this Season's Weeks.

6s Season 13 Map Pool

Newcomer, Amateur, Intermediate, and Div-1 Divisions

Based on feedback given in the 6s Pre-Season 13 Survey we will be removing cp_metalworks_f5 & koth_product_final from the Season's default pool. These maps will be offerered again to the IM and Main divisions as alternative maps to play in KoTH-only Weeks 3 & 6. Along with cp_metalworks_f5 being shifted out of the default map pool and used as an alternative map to play in 5CP-only Weeks.

For maps being played this Season that are not maps already included with TF2 by default, please click on the map names below to download the mapname.bsp file and then copy it into your TF2 directory at:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps\

Alternative Maps for IM/Div-1 only:
If desired to play, these maps may be voted upon by team leaders in their respective Match Comms. Both Notify your Division Admin if an Alternative Map is voted in successfully.

Whereas koth_clearcut_b15d was updated on September 10th @ 3:48 PM EDT both teams can agree to play the latest version if communicated within match comms or communicated between respective team leaders.

Invite Map Pool

Season 13 Voted-In Map:
Your division admin and moderator will serve as the primary points of contact for your division. For issues during matches you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as Admins not playing matches will be able to respond there much more quickly!
This Season, we are welcoming Plinko, Popalofiti, Blitztank, yogrrt & Rattle Bones to our team!

Below is the final 6s Format Admin List for Season 13

The Current Staff List for the the entire League may be found here.

You can read about all other recent Rules changes at the following Articles since the start of 2023:

In terms of Playoffs for NC, AM, IM, Main and Adv we’re still figuring/finalizing a way to condense playoffs over the course of a couple weekends rather than have it ongoing throughout 3-4 weeks consistently to deal with fatigue and burnout amongst players. More information will present itself soon once we finalize everything.

Pre-Season 13 Sixes™ Survey Results

The pre-season survey shed light on our internal team about a couple things people would want to see integrated within Sixes™ going forward. Starting with the question Would you like to see sm_projectiles_ignore_teammates implemented within the league? This command won’t be immediately implemented within Season 13 but will instead be polled globally to get an accurate count of players within Sixes and Highlander who’re able to share their personal input with the balance change. Next, Are you interested in a rotating map pool? Within the survey we did not share an example or elaborate of what a “rotating map pool” would look like or how it could be incorporated into Sixes. One of the rough drafts we have for the thought is here in this image.

If anything, this is what it could look like for the divisions Main/IM/AM/Newcomer. Whereas this is a Rough Draft there are some ways we’d need to hammer out this example if we’d want to present it to the community properly before even testing it in any aspect.
For the questions that dealt with config testing for Invite & Advanced along with the map testing question for Main-Newcomer We’re still working on the details on how we should execute testing amongst the respective groups but in all honesty, it’ll most likely be different discord groups with the respective playerbases.

Final Reminders

To be scheduled for the Season, your team must have at least 5 players rostered by Friday, September 15th at 9:30PM EDT, be marked as “Ready” (or have already contacted your division Admin regarding why you are "Not Ready" , and have division fees paid by Friday, September 15th by 11:59PM EDT if you are in a paid division. Please reach out to your division Admin or open a Support Ticket in the RGL Discord ASAP if you have any issues doing any of this.

Season Weeks - Detailed Dates

  • Week 1: Monday, September 18th thru Sunday, September 24th
  • Week 2: Monday, September 25th thru Sunday, October 1st
  • Week 3: Monday, October 2nd thru Sunday, October 8th
  • Week 4: Monday, October 9th thru Sunday, October 15th
  • Week 5: Monday, October 16th thru Sunday, October 22nd
  • Week 6: Monday, October 23rd thru Sunday, October 29th
  • Week 7: Monday, October 30th thru Sunday, November 5th
  • Week 8: Monday, November 6th thru Sunday, November 12th
  • Week 9: Monday, November 13th thru Sunday, November 19th - This is generally a ''Break Week'' for NC thru Adv., with Playoffs occurring over the following 4 weeks. With the potential Playoffs scheduling changes, dates beyond this will be announced in a later Article this Season.