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RGL HL Season 16: Updated Staff List, Qualifiers, and S15 Survey Results

   Jercer   - 9/16/2023

SFM by MetalCloud, Editing by Raos


Updated Staff List for Season 16

As promised, here is the updated staff list for RGL Highlander Season 16.

Head Admin: Jercer

Division Admins
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: Bliztank
Main: Ta5K
Intermediate: Alltrex
Amateur: Garbo
Newcomer: Xenagos

Division Moderators
Advanced: Parmigiancarlo
Main: Rebel
Intermediate: Cinderace
Amateur: Krissy
Newcomer: DusterDan35

Floating Staff: Kitt(eh), vorboyvo

See RGL HL Season 16: Map Order and Updated Invite, Advanced, and Qualifiers Information for updated information on Invite, Advanced, and Qualifiers

About the Map Pool

Recently, I released the announcement article for Season 16 that included the map pool. In case you missed it, here it is again (in no particular order):

Two blaring changes from the Season 15 Map Pool are the exclusion of Proot and Eruption and the inclusion of Upward and Lakeside. Let's first clear up the elephant in the room: we are not finished with Eruption and Proot!

Proot has been in rotation for the last three seasons with mixed survey results and written feedback. (See the Season 13 and Season 14 Survey Result articles). With this feedback, the mapmaker has made several changes across different versions of Proot, culminating into the current version that is koth_proot_b6b. Unfortunately, koth_proot_b6b was not ready until about a week before Season 15 began. Because of this and because of a previous article ensuring the community that there would be no further changes to Proot, the previous version, koth_proot_b5b, was used as the default version of the map last season. Teams had the option to play koth_proot_b6b if both teams agreed upon it in match comms.

Because we have had the same three KOTH maps in rotation for the past three seasons, we felt that it was time to shake up the pool a bit. Since Proot was the least enjoyed KOTH map of the bunch, it was the one that was traded out for Lakeside. Unfortunately, this also means that koth_proot_b6b will go truly untested in RGL for now, but this will definitely change when we see it (or a newer version of Proot) in a future HL season!

Eruption is new to the rotation after seeing some play in the most recent Highlander Experimental Cup, the same cup where Proot was introduced. This season, it was received with some rather mixed-to-negative reviews (see results below), so Upward is back and Eruption is out temporarily. Your written feedback will be sent to the mapmaker and we are hoping to re-introduce it in a future season very soon!

General Map Survey Results

General Division Survey Results

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