- Please note that random POV demo checks will occur during the season. Here is a quick video guide explaining how to record, view, and use the TF2 demo feature.

- If the pause uber exploit does happen in a match, teams are expected to inform one another if they unfairly gained uber from the pause. Failure to do so may result in a minor penalty. As always, using an illegally gained uber before it would have been naturally obtained will result in team penalties and potentially replayed/overturned rounds or maps.

- The RGL Anti-Cheat team is looking for new members that are interested in working to better help the league be free from cheating. If interested, please apply here.

Verification FAQ

   sigafoo   - 10/26/2020

What does being verified mean?

Being verified means you are a known player in our community and locked into your alias that is authentic. Most verified players are long time or top level players, community contributors, and/or RGL staff.

How can I be verified?

Currently, users can only be verified by admins and we are only verifying players that meet the following criteria:

  • Participate In Invite for 3-seasons or more as a starting player, as well as in casted matches
  • Helped RGL in Administrative or Community Areas

If you wish to send in a request to get verified, please send in a site support ticket in the RGL Discord.

How do you lose your verification status?

RGL reserves the right to remove the verification status of a player at any time. This can be due to behaviors occurring on or off RGL-platforms. This includes:

  • Receiving any RGL bans
  • Violating any RGL rules, such as our sportsmanship and conduct guidelines
  • Not participating in the Invite division in over 2-seasons as a starting player (long-time players that have played in Invite for over two-years in a row or memorable players are void of this)
  • Requesting to switch to a different RGL alias on the site may result in loss of verification on the new alias

Can multiple players have the same name who are verified?

No, that's the significance of being verified. No other player can have your name and be verified once you claim it.

I'm verified, can I change my name?

No, players once verified you are locked in*. Like other top levels of e-sports, players aren't changing their names every other week. With this program, we're creating consistency and making the scene easier to follow to players not actively in the scene.

*On very rare occasion we've made exceptions.