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Sixes S12 IM - Week 8A

Match Date
07/11/2023 10:30 PM EDT
Default Date
07/11/2023 10:30 PM EDT

Home 2
Away 3

Match Comms


Last Comment:
 07/08/2023 10:17 PM EDT


Welcome to Week 8 of RGL Season 12 Traditional 6s!

This week you will be playing: cp_sunshine
This is a 5cp map and you will be using the Progressive Ruleset.

Before starting the Match, follow this console command sequence to configure the server correctly after all 12 players are in-server:
    1. Copy/Paste the RCON provided by your chosen server or server rental into console.
    2. rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro.cfg
    3. rcon changelevel cp_sunshine
    4. rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro.cfg

Configs/Console Commands To be Used in RGL IM 6s Control Point Official Matches:

Explanation of the Progressive Ruleset (aka: "Pro Config):
    There are no Half Times or Halves Played, instead if neither team has scored 5 Rounds Won after the 30 minute Map Timer expires, the winlimit will automatically reduce to [current max rounds on the scoreboard]+1.
    (e.g. If at 30 minutes the score is (3-2), the winlimit will be adjusted to 4 with the next team to reach 4 Rounds Won being the Winner).

If teams wish to use the alternative map for this Week, both teams will have to agree to it in these Match Comms. Both team leaders are required to vote yes in Match Comms here. Please open a Support Ticket in the RGL discord to have this Match Page updated with the correct map. Failure to do so while still playing the alt map will result in a MINOR Penalty being applied to both teams.
Season 12 Alternative Map: cp_villa_b19

Please remember that match comms are publicly visible, and connect info should not be posted in them.
It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to make sure that the correct configs have been used correctly.

Demos & Logs
All corresponding Logs must be posted to these Match Comms when you submit final Match Scores. Failure to do so will see Penalties for both teams.

All players must follow mandatory demo recording guidelines as detailed here in the Demo Requests FAQ.
Player and Team penalties can accrue quickly and standings can be affected negatively as detailed in Global Rule 1004 - Warning/Penalties and Suspensions if too many penalties do accrue.
Please follow this helpful guide to install P-REC if you do not already use manual demo recording in-game.

Please reach out to your Division Admin (M17) or Mod (QueeQuey) if you ever have any questions!

FartOnCats - Pizza Department
 07/11/2023 10:23 PM EDT
ringing for match, approved in discord dms

bloodmachine Auto Generated - Pizza Department
 07/11/2023 11:21 PM EDT
Match score submitted.
Final score
baby onion alien: 1.0
Pizza Department: 2.0

Map Results
baby onion alien: 2
Pizza Department: 3

FartOnCats - Pizza Department
 07/11/2023 11:21 PM EDT

bloodmachine - Pizza Department
 07/11/2023 11:21 PM EDT