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(ol') Gramps! and the Boomers (2 - 5)

Admin Notes

Last Updated 9/26
Satan is restricted from Pyro

Previous Active Roster
As of 11/10/2020

Valid Size: 0/10

Team Size: 10/18

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
rchl 9/13/2020
GBB 9/13/2020
Gank 9/14/2020
rainy 9/14/2020
Firefly 9/14/2020
Gramps! 9/15/2020
geen 9/20/2020
VeLT 9/13/2020
Satan 9/15/2020
Wump 9/18/2020
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
realm 9/20/2020 10/24/2020
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Team has no penalties

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Team does not have past seasons

TeamId: 7499