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Restrictions - Last Updated JUNE 18 2023

Davidredface cannot play Scout
(Reason: Currently plays Scout in Season 12 Main 6s. Previously won 2nd Place in Season 9 IM 6s on Scout)

maleficent cannot play Scout
(Reason: Mirroring the current restriction in Season 12 IM 6s)

Nines is Unrestricted
(Reason: Historically plays Medic as their main class)

berdo cannot play Scout
(Reason: Won 1st Place in Season 11 IM 6s playing Scout. And multiple seasons and top placements while playing on Scout in divisions 2 or more higher than Intermediate)

brian can only play soldier

Previous Active Roster
As of 6/18/2023

Valid Size: 0/11

Team Size: 11/12

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
atlas 4/29/2023
Davidredface 4/29/2023
AkimboAoki 4/30/2023
maleficent 4/30/2023
Nines 4/30/2023
tsaide 5/20/2023
gracie 6/14/2023
brian 6/17/2023
May 6/17/2023
lol 5/1/2023
berdo 6/14/2023
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
tsaide 4/29/2023 5/14/2023
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