- Please note that random POV demo checks will occur during the season. Here is a quick video guide explaining how to record, view, and use the TF2 demo feature.

- If the pause uber exploit does happen in a match, teams are expected to inform one another if they unfairly gained uber from the pause. Failure to do so may result in a minor penalty. As always, using an illegally gained uber before it would have been naturally obtained will result in team penalties and potentially replayed/overturned rounds or maps.

- The RGL Anti-Cheat team is looking for new members that are interested in working to better help the league be free from cheating. If interested, please apply here.


call the team pauldogg (6 - 2)


Team Size: 9

Status: Ready

#   Name Paid Joined Left
1 Leader Yami 8/18/2021
2 Leader meat ball 8/18/2021
3 Leader STOCK 8/18/2021
4 Suspended messiah 8/18/2021
5 phone 8/19/2021
6 caboose 8/19/2021
7 bigbirdsbigbirds 10/1/2021
8 pierre 8/23/2021
9 lllilililililIIIIIllI-find_the_L 9/19/2021
peniferous 9/2/2021 9/17/2021
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