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shut up meg (1 - 5)

Admin Notes

Updated 64/
Sebbers is restricted off Heavy
berry is restricted off Sniper

Previous Active Roster
As of 7/11/2021

Team Size: 9/18

Status: Dead

  Name Joined
berryy 5/31/2021
bud 5/31/2021
T1grBiceps 5/31/2021
skunk 5/31/2021
t. 5/31/2021
Cherry 5/31/2021
sebbers 6/1/2021
Commander 5/31/2021
FlareD 6/15/2021
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
MsPunchy 5/31/2021 6/21/2021
Caramel 5/31/2021 6/21/2021
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Team Penalties

Type When Why Points Against
MINOR 6/17/2021 Match Forfeit - First offense 0.00

Past Seasons

Team does not have past seasons

TeamId: 8984