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Mentor: Pont#4139

mau!#4882: Scout, Medic, Flex
Ortharo#6705: Medic, Scout, Flex
Strafera#0242: Medic, Soldier, Flex
Scyther#9725: Demo, Soldier, Scout
lorexav#8593: Scout, Soldier, Demo
Master Chief#2478: Soldier, Scout, Medic


Big Smonk

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As of 8/7/2020

Team Size: 7

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
Ortharo 7/27/2020
i am le real Gummibr 7/27/2020
please 7/27/2020
Lorexav 7/27/2020
Dirt Block 7/27/2020
Hal 8/5/2020
Big smonk 8/5/2020
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
celery 7/27/2020 7/27/2020
yar1m 7/29/2020 8/5/2020
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