Solo Queue B

the undergr0und (1 - 4)

Admin Notes

Mentor: Vin-Syl#0505

corn#8242: Medic, Soldier, Demo
scaggz#8767: Demo, Scout, Flex
Baby Deadpool#1993: Scout, Demo, Flex
sitoopaD#9952: Scout, Soldier, Demo
Eagan Gbao#8945: Medic, Soldier, Demo
anonymous973ehtnamuh#8619: Medic, Scout, Soldier

(Sub) pichi#6974: Soldier, Scout, Flex

Previous Active Roster
As of 8/7/2020

Team Size: 7

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
Eagan Gbao 7/21/2020
Carnamate 7/21/2020
scaggz 7/21/2020
pichi 7/21/2020
Ineptitude AKA ehtnamuh 7/21/2020
T1Slol 7/26/2020
lava boy 7/26/2020
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
oddlog 7/21/2020 7/21/2020
EnderTheFrog 7/21/2020 7/21/2020
sitoopaD 7/22/2020 7/22/2020
drkenchristopher 7/21/2020 7/26/2020
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