Solo Queue A

freakin' vegetables (4 - 1)

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Mentor: frg#4826

BurntVenom#2312: Soldier, Medic, Scout
I'll be back#0567: Soldier, Demo, Scout
the chair of doom#4261: Scout, Soldier, Demo
DeathLMAO#0001: Scout, Soldier, Medic
mysterize#3092: Soldier, Demo, Flex
Crawfish#0536: Scout, Medic, Soldier

(TF2 Lobby Experience)

Previous Active Roster
As of 8/7/2020

Team Size: 7

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
BurntVenom 7/20/2020
Currently social distancing 7/20/2020
the chair of doom 7/20/2020
DeathLMAO 7/20/2020
mysterize 7/20/2020
Crawfish 7/20/2020
Soul 7/21/2020
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
BurntVenom 7/16/2020 7/18/2020
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TeamId: 6853