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Eat Spicy Goodness (6 - 10)

Previous Active Roster
As of 7/15/2022

Team Size: 9/14

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
Fireball 5/12/2022
b0nes 5/12/2022
nifty 5/12/2022
LikeASir 5/12/2022
Dogdayboy 5/12/2022
ssquare 5/12/2022
aiuka 5/16/2022
patches 6/14/2022
iamyates 6/17/2022
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Past Roster

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Team Penalties

Type When Why Points Against
MINOR 6/10/2022 Violation of [1008.5] in W2A - Failure to Submit Demos: 1st offense 0.00

Past Seasons

Team does not have past seasons

TeamId: 10290