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Blitz Right Back (4 - 1)

Admin Notes

Class restrictions as of 2022/06/07
JOSH cannot play Scout/Soldier
RubberDubber333 cannot play Engie
elektro cannot play Soldier

Active Roster

Team Size: 10

Status: Ready

  Name Joined
DerpMan107 5/3/2022
robot with human hair 5/3/2022
saucy jack 5/3/2022
Casapillar 5/3/2022
Bees? 5/3/2022
lulunba1 5/4/2022
JOSH 5/4/2022
elektro 5/11/2022
RubberDubber333 5/15/2022
scratta 5/31/2022
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Past Roster

  Name Joined Left
Karl_Marx_Onlyfans 5/16/2022 5/31/2022
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TeamId: 10194