#RespectYomps Tournament

All proceeds and donations go to yomps family or their charity of choice

Cup Details

Date: Friday: July 24th
Round 1:    6:15pm ET
Round 2:    7:00pm ET
Round 3:    7:45pm ET
Round 4:    8:30pm ET

Saturday: July 25th
Round 1:    6:00pm ET
Round 2:    *7:15pm ET
Round 3:    *8:30pm ET
Round 4:    *9:45pm ET
Games may happen earlier/later depending on length of matches

Map Pool: Swiss (Day 1)
  • Round 1: cp_process
  • Round 2: cp_gullywash
  • Round 3: cp_snakewater
  • Round 4: cp_sunshine

Playoffs (Pick/Ban) Bo3
  • cp_process
  • cp_gullywash
  • cp_metalworks
  • cp_snakewater
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_villa
  • koth_product
  • koth_clearcut
Structure: 5cp Maps will be played first to 5 wins or 30 minutes. Koth will be played first to 4 round wins.

On day one all teams will play 4 matches. The playoffs will be a double elimination bracket from the top 4 teams in a division.
Signups Close: July 23rd



The Open tournament for all players will take place on July 24th and 25th.

The first day will be a Swiss-style tournament, followed by a double elim tournament on Saturday. Signups are open to all players who donate a minimum of $1 to the cause. All proceeds going to yomps' family. Paypal fees from these donations will be covered by RGL and donated to the family as well.



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