RGL 6v6 Winter Cup (Powered by Qixalite)

Entry Fees (Exact divsion structure will vary based on signups)
Invite: $10
Advanced: $5
Main: $5
IM: $5
Amateur: Free
Newbie: Free

Estimated Prizes: $1,900 + 1-month Qixalite premium for first place captains

Cup Details

Date: Saturday: January 9th
Round 1:    6:00pm ET
Round 2:    7:15pm ET
Round 3:    8:30pm ET
Round 4:    9:45pm ET

Sunday: January 10th
Playoffs (Double-elim for Invite; single elim for all other divisions)
Round 1:    6:00pm ET
Round 2:    7:30pm ET
Round 3:    9:30pm ET
Round 4:    11:00pm ET

Map Pool: Day 1
  • Round 1: cp_process
  • Round 2: cp_gullywash
  • Round 3: cp_snakewater
  • Round 4: cp_sunshine

Day 2: Playoffs (Pick/Ban) Bo3
  • cp_process
  • cp_gullywash
  • cp_metalworks
  • cp_snakewater
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_villa
  • koth_product
  • koth_clearcut
Structure: 5cp Maps will be played first to 5 wins or 30 minutes. Koth will be played first to 3 round wins.

On day one, all teams will play 4 matches. For Invite, the playoffs will be a double-elimination bracket from the top 4 teams in a division. The remaining divisions will be a single-elimination structure for the top half of the teams.
Signups Close: January 2nd
Entry fees & Roster Deadline due: January 7th



The cup will follow a division structure, such as a normal season of RGL Traditional Sixes. This means that there will be at least 6 divisions: Invite, Advanced, Main, Intermediate, Amateur, and Newcomer.

Invite group is to be announced depending on the number of sign-ups.. Other divisions will run a swiss-format.



Need help finding a team, or picking up players? Check out the #looking-for-team-6s / #looking-for-players-6s in our Discord

You can also make a post on our forums.