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Player is under probation

This player is currently under probation. This means that any punishment from the league will result in more severe consequences.
If you've received any harassment, threats, etc... from this player recently in or outside of RGL. You may report them here.

Player is banned from RGL

This player is currently banned in RGL. This means that they cannot play in any official matches while they are banned.

[1002.4.1]- Using a banned player in a scrimmage

If a banned player is playing in any scrim or pickup game scrim consisting of at least one RGL team and said player commits an act that would result in further bans, then the leader(s), active RGL player(s), and/or scrim organizer(s) responsible for that player's participation are subject to a possible league ban, in addition to a minor team penalty.

Penalties may be administered if the banned player meets both criteria:
  • On a 6-month or longer ban (not permanent)
  • The player’s ban is similar to their discipline history in the league (e.g. A banned player uses a slur and has a history of being penalized for this in the league.)

Highlander - RGL - NA Highlander

SeasonDivTeamEnd RankRecord
Amt WonJoinedLeft
HL Season 11 Advanced DogBGaming 99 / 9 (3 - 1) 1/27/2022 3/4/2022
HL Season 11 Unassigned Pop Your Pipes / 0 (2 - 1) 12/26/2021 1/27/2022
HL Season 10 Main Slapp My Buttface 3 / 17 (6 - 4) 8/24/2021 11/30/2021
HL Season 8 Advanced-1 Break the Meta 3 / 7 (5 - 5) 1/21/2021 4/13/2021

Prolander - RGL - NA Prolander

SeasonDivTeamEnd RankRecord
Amt WonJoinedLeft
P7 Season 1 Main aplBUTT 4 / 6 (2 - 2) (1 - 3) $150.00 7/12/2017 8/16/2017

Trad. Sixes - RGL - NA Traditional Sixes

SeasonDivTeamEnd RankRecord
Amt WonJoinedLeft
Sixes S6 Amateur Break the Meta 34 / 49 (4 - 4) 4/29/2021 8/15/2021

Discipline History

3/7/2022 Indefinite Repeated use of racist slurs and comments during an RGL match.

After the minimum 3-month period has elapsed, the player can appeal to have their ban lifted, provided they can show that they've changed as a player and how they interact in the community.