- koth_lakeside_r has been updated to koth_lakeside_r2 and will be played in this upcoming HL season. This version fixes the lighting bug. You can download it here

- RGL is now working with Qixalite. If you need to book a server, please head over here for more information.

Player Ban List

SteamId Name Division Current Team Ban Expiration Reason
Disregarded a formal warning against sharing material that was being used to harass an RGL player.
Continued harassment; transphobic flaming directed at a user. Use of racial slurs in scrims.
Targeted harassment of another RGL player.
Targeted harassment of another RGL player.
Old account, no longer used.
New account approved.
Banned until 1 year after your most recent VAC Ban.
Cheating - 1st Offense
Cheating - 2nd Offense