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Player Ban List

SteamId Name Division Current Team Ban Expiration Reason
Game Exploit - Panic Script - Warning
Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense (Offense occurred in a playoff match, see [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos
Discord ban evasion.
ETF2L Mirror Cheating Ban - First Offense
Account sharing - 6 months
Assisting ban evasion - 6 months
Alt account
Violation of [1007.2.4] - Fraud. Fabricating screenshots of other(s) on an RGL platform with the intent to defame.
Game Exploit - Sniper Scope Removal - Warning

A warning was issued to inform the player that this mod is not allowed to be used and was informed to remove it from their computer, which they have complied with. Any usage of the mod moving forward in TF2 will lead to league suspensions.
Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense
Player misconduct warning