P7 Season 8 Playoffs Round 2

Match Date
06/01/2020 09:30 PM EDT
Default Date
06/01/2020 09:30 PM EDT

Home 0.00

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sigafoo Admin
 05/27/2020 06:04 PM EDT
Welcome to the playoffs! Teams will go through the pick/ban process built into the website. There is an additional tab that leaders will be able to select in this match page.

- Away - Ban - Sun at 7:45pm Eastern
- Home - Ban - Sun at 8:00pm Eastern
- Away - Ban - Sun at 8:15pm Eastern
- Home - Pick - Sun at 8:30 Eastern

Teams do not need to wait until Sunday to complete the pick/ban. They can be completed any time prior to the due date. Any team that does not register their pick/ban by the due date will forfeit their selection to the other team.

Good luck and have fun!

Just a Random Dood AUTO GENERATED - Kalgan
 05/30/2020 11:15 AM EDT
Final Pick/Ban Results
The Revolution - BANNED - cp_steel
Kalgan - BANNED - koth_product_rcx
The Revolution - BANNED - koth_synthetic_rc6a
Kalgan - PICKED - pl_upward

Just a Random Dood Auto Generated - Kalgan
 06/01/2020 10:09 PM EDT
Match score submitted.
Final score
Kalgan: 3.0
The Revolution: 0.0

Map Results
Kalgan: 2
The Revolution: 0