P7 AU - Summer Cup Undergrove

Match Date
07/25/2019 10:00 PM AEST
Default Date
07/25/2019 10:00 PM AEST

Home 1.00
Away 2.00

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 07/10/2019 11:45 AM AEST
Welcome to the OTR league! This week, you'll be facing off on koth_undergrove (ID: 1588619809). It is a king-of-the-hill-style map with a midpoint that is a lot more sunken into the ground than what is typical for KOTH maps, so take great caution with where you choose to defend after you cap the point, lest the enemy rain down upon you!

This is a BEST OF 5. That means that whichever team wins three halfs first will win overall. Good luck to both teams, and message one of our staff members if you need help with something!

 07/21/2019 01:47 PM AEST
To clear confusion: BO5 means the first team to win three rounds wins! If you successfully hold the hill for three minutes, three times, you have won

para Auto Generated - 7/11 Never Forget
 08/01/2019 10:47 PM AEST
Match score submitted. Final score
Agent Orange Airlines: 1.0
7/11 Never Forget:2.0