P7 AU Season 2 Grand Finals

Match Date
04/18/2019 08:00 PM AEST
Default Date
04/18/2019 08:00 PM AEST

Away 0.00

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 04/13/2019 08:58 AM AEST
Welcome to the Grand Final!

This is it. One team will reign supreme, and the other will still get a shiny second place badge. As with the other matches in the Finals, pick/ban maps is done, and pick/ban weapons are offered as a choice.

The map list that is available to pick/ban from is:
- PL Upward
- KOTH Ashville
- PL Badwater Pro
- KOTH Product
- CP Steel
- KOTH Warmtic
- PL Borneo

The order of the map pick/bans is as follows:
1. Agent Orange ban
2. :B1: ban
3. :B1: pick 1st map
4. Agent Orange pick 2nd map
5. Agent Orange ban
6. :B1: pick decider map

Additionally pick/ban weapons will be used unless BOTH teams agree to use the default whitelist.

All pick/ban communication must be through these match comms. Additionally, as :B1: are the home team, they must provide the server.

Porsche911GT3 - Agent Orange
 04/18/2019 06:05 PM AEST
Ban PL Upward

lock - :B1:
 04/18/2019 06:44 PM AEST
ban badwater
pick product

Porsche911GT3 - Agent Orange
 04/18/2019 06:49 PM AEST
pick borneo
ban steel

lock - :B1:
 04/18/2019 06:50 PM AEST
pick ashville

lock - :B1:
 04/18/2019 08:42 PM AEST

lock - :B1:
 04/20/2019 03:30 PM AEST
should be playing 2nd half of borneo monday 8

lock - :B1:
 04/22/2019 09:31 PM AEST
http://logs.tf/22668252-0 borneo :B1:

lock Auto Generated - :B1:
 04/22/2019 09:31 PM AEST
Match score submitted. Final score
:B1:: 3.0
Agent Orange:0.0