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Sixes S14 Main Winners Semifinals

Match Date
04/02/2024 10:30 PM EDT
Default Date
04/02/2024 10:30 PM EDT

Away 2

Match Comms


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tristen Admin
 03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT
Welcome to RGL Main Season 14 6s Playoffs!

Playoffs will be a top 8 seed double-elimination bracket. This match must be played by (04/02/2024).

If you need to reschedule, use the rescheduling tool built into this match page and communicate directly with your opponent. Failure to play your matches at the dates/times listed on this match page will result in penalties for the involved teams. If a match is not played, a FFW will be awarded to the team that made a good-faith effort to play the match by the match deadline.

Map vetos will be done using the system built into this match page. Please message Tristen or open a support ticket if there's an issue with it.

This match will use the Best of 3 (Bo3) map selection rules! Refer to [3004.1] for more explanation. The format is: Home Bans | Away Bans | Home Picks | Away Picks | Home Bans | Away Bans | Home Picks

Pick/bans should be completed 24 hours before the match time. If they are not completed after this point, open a support ticket to set the maps for the match.

If the home team obliges, they may pick/ban as the B team (essentially team B in rule 3004.1). Please message Tristen or Bliztank to add the maps to your match page if chosen.
Season 14 Map Pool:

Configs/Console commands to be used in RGL Main official matches:
You will be using the Progressive Ruleset for all matches.

Demos & Logs
All players must follow mandatory POV demo recording guidelines as detailed here in the Demo Requests FAQ.
STV Demos must be uploaded to and posted to these Match Comms by the team who hosted the match server within 72 hours after the match ends. Failure to do so will see penalties for the hosting team. All corresponding logs must be posted to these Match Comms when you submit final match scores. Failure to do so will see penalties for the host team.

Please remember that match comms are publicly visible and connect info should not be posted in them. It is the responsibility of the hosting team to make sure that the correct configs have been used.

Please reach out to your Division Admin (Tristen) or Mod (Bliztank) if you ever have any questions!

 04/01/2024 09:25 PM EDT
Final Pick/Ban Results
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] OPIUM* - BANNED - cp_gullywash_f9
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] projetou_6ix - BANNED - cp_sunshine
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] OPIUM* - PICKED - koth_bagel_rc7
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] projetou_6ix - PICKED - cp_snakewater_final1
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] OPIUM* - BANNED - cp_process_f12
[03/29/2024 04:15 PM EDT] projetou_6ix - BANNED - cp_sultry_b8a
[04/01/2024 09:25 PM EDT] OPIUM* - PICKED - cp_metalworks_f5

Hami Auto Generated - projetou_6ix
 04/03/2024 12:28 AM EDT
Match score submitted.
Final score
OPIUM*: 0.66
projetou_6ix: 2.34

Map Results
projetou_6ix: 4

projetou_6ix: 4

Hami - projetou_6ix
 04/03/2024 12:28 AM EDT