P7 AU Season 2 Quarter Finals

Match Date
03/28/2019 08:00 PM AEDT
Default Date
03/28/2019 08:00 PM AEDT

Home 2.70
Away 0.30

Match Comms


Last Comment:
 03/25/2019 06:18 PM AEDT
Welcome to the Finals!

This match is 2nd vs 3rd. The winner of this match will play against 1st place next week for a chance to make it into the Grand Final, while the loser will drop into the lower bracket, where they will be playing the winner of the other match this week.

The map list that is available to pick/ban from is:
- PL Upward
- KOTH Ashville
- PL Badwater Pro
- KOTH Product
- CP Steel
- KOTH Warmtic
- PL Borneo

The order of the pick/bans is as follows:
1. Holobunga Praisers ban
2. Agent Orange ban
3. Agent Orange pick 1st map
4. Holobunga Praisers pick 2nd map
5. Holobunga Praisers ban
6. Agent Orange pick decider map

Additionally pick/ban weapons will be used unless BOTH teams agree to use the default whitelist.

All pick/ban communication must be through these match comms. Additionally, as Agent Orange are the home team, they must provide the server.

Porsche911GT3 - Agent Orange
 03/28/2019 10:28 AM AEDT
Holobunga Praisers - Ban KOTH Warmtic
Agent Orange - Ban PL Borneo
Agent Orange - Pick KOTH Ashville
Holobunga Praisers - Pick CP Steel
Holobunga Praisers - Ban PL Badwater Pro
Agent Orange - Pick KOTH Product

Porsche911GT3 Auto Generated - Agent Orange
 03/28/2019 10:28 AM AEDT
Proposed rescheduled match date of Friday, March 29 2019 08:00 PM AEDT

Porsche911GT3 Auto Generated - Agent Orange
 03/31/2019 09:48 PM AEDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Agent Orange: 2.7
Holobunga Praisers:0.3

Porsche911GT3 - Agent Orange
 03/31/2019 09:49 PM AEDT