P7 AU Season 2 Semi Finals

Match Date
03/14/2019 08:30 PM AEDT
Default Date
04/04/2019 08:00 PM AEDT

Home 2.50

Match Comms


Last Comment:
 03/11/2019 03:32 PM AEDT
Welcome to the Finals!

This match is 1st vs 2nd. The winner of this match will go straight into the Grand Final, while the loser will have to play in the Preliminary Final for a chance to play in the Grand Final.

The map list that is available to pick/ban from is:
- PL Upward
- KOTH Ashville
- PL Badwater Pro
- KOTH Product
- CP Steel
- KOTH Warmtic
- PL Borneo

The order of the pick/bans is as follows:
1. Bad Dragons ban
2. Is This Highlander? ban
3. Is This Highlander? pick 1st map
4. Bad Dragons pick 2nd map
5. Bad Dragons ban
6. Is This Highlander? pick decider map

Additionally pick/ban weapons will be used unless BOTH teams agree to use the default whitelist.

All pick/ban communication must be through these match comms. Additionally, as Is This Highlander? are the home team, they must provide the server.

Fae - Is This Highlander?
 03/14/2019 06:30 PM AEDT
U have first ban

Hokuto - Bad Dragons
 03/14/2019 06:52 PM AEDT
We ban ashville

Fae - Is This Highlander?
 03/14/2019 06:57 PM AEDT
we ban product

Fae - Is This Highlander?
 03/14/2019 06:57 PM AEDT
we pick badlands

Fae - Is This Highlander?
 03/14/2019 06:57 PM AEDT

Hokuto - Bad Dragons
 03/14/2019 07:08 PM AEDT
We pick Steel

Hokuto - Bad Dragons
 03/14/2019 07:09 PM AEDT
We ban warmtic

Fae - Is This Highlander?
 03/14/2019 07:18 PM AEDT
we pick borneo as the decider

 03/19/2019 07:45 PM AEDT
Quick important notice: With permission from both team leaders, this match is now taking place at 8:30 AEST instead of 8:00 AEST

 03/19/2019 07:45 PM AEDT
The match date has been set to 03/14/2019 08:30 PM AEDT

Fae Auto Generated - Is This Highlander?
 03/21/2019 10:13 PM AEDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Is This Highlander?: 2.5
Bad Dragons:0.5