NR Sixes Cup #1 Round 4 - pl_vigil_rc7

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08/28/2021 07:00 PM EDT
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08/28/2021 07:00 PM EDT

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QueeQuey Admin
 08/28/2021 03:10 PM EDT
Welcome to No Restrictions 6s Cup #1!

Structure & Ruleset:
Round 1 through 4 will be played using this ruleset:
5CP: Maps will be played first to 5 wins or time limit, playing ONLY one half using: "rgl_nr6s_5cp_scrim".
KOTH: Maps will be played first to 3 rounds won, playing ONLY one half using: "rgl_nr6s_koth_bo5".
Payload: Maps will be played as a Best of 1 using: "rgl_nr6s_stopwatch".

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, all teams will play 4 regular round matches. All divisions will feature single-elimination playoffs. The amount of teams in playoffs will be 4.

All configs are available on serveme and qixalite, under the "rgl_nr6s" alias.

If you are using your own server, you may download the configs from here and the appropriate whitelist from here.
No Restriction 6s Summer One Day Cup Article.

GLHF!! And don't forget to record demos for all your matches according to RGL Global Rules - 1008.5.

camp3r Auto Generated - SQU1RRELLY SQUAD
 08/28/2021 07:30 PM EDT
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