- Playoffs begin on November 25th
- For playoffs, KOTH maps are played first to 3 (best of 5) and Stopwatch maps are played first to 2 (best of 3)

RGL Invite Grand Finals

Fred V vs. Amicitia Nova

Stream Date: Sunday 9:30 PM Eastern -
Watch Live @ twitch.tv/RGLgg

HL Season 3


Match Date
06/03/2019 09:30 PM EDT
Default Date
06/03/2019 09:30 PM EDT

Home 0.00
Away 3.00

Match Comms


Dimento Admin
 05/29/2019 07:22 AM EDT
Welcome to Season 3 of Recharge Gaming League Highlander. The first week of the season will be played on koth_ashville_rc1. The first team to achieve 4 round wins will be declared the winner of the match, the match config for this game type is rgl_hl_koth. You may use rgl_hl_koth5 in your scrims/practices for convenience as this increases the round limit to 3 but please use rgl_hl_koth in the match. The server you play on must have the uber saving plugin, it is both team's responsibility to make sure that the server has this properly installed before you begin the match.

If you have any questions please message your div admin found above the league table.

*Make sure your team has nine fully paid players before match time

Dimento Admin
 05/29/2019 10:16 PM EDT
Home picks side for the first half
Switch to opposite side for second half
Away picks side for third half (if necessary)

exa_ Admin
 06/01/2019 04:53 PM EDT
This match will be casted and a server will be provided for you to play on.

Match time cannot be changed on the day of the match.

Any player streaming the match must be on a 3 minute delay.

We suggest that if you stream the match on a delay, then you should restart your stream after the match. So you can more easily interact with the new people checking out your stream.

Arzt Hispanian Auto Generated - Apolodosh
 06/03/2019 11:53 PM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
The Specimens: 0.0