EU Season 3

Week 2 - Product

Match Date
02/19/2019 08:00 PM CET
Default Date
02/19/2019 08:00 PM CET

Match Comms


sigafoo Admin
 02/17/2019 06:19 PM CET
Welcome to the second week of EU Prolander!

In this week you will be playing koth_product_rc9, this is a koth map so you will use the config rgl_koth. This is Bo7 map series and each half is played first team to 2 round wins. Meaning the game will last for 2 or 3 halves. For more information, you can read the full koth rules @ you have any issues, please use the support channel in our discord (
Good luck and have fun!

Pahan Auto Generated - kiti s bakenbardami
 02/19/2019 10:42 PM CET
Match score submitted. Final score
croag boys: 2.4
kiti s bakenbardami:0.6