EXP 6s #1

Bracket Round 1

Match Date
12/15/2019 04:00 PM EST
Default Date
12/15/2019 04:00 PM EST

Match Comms


Daffodil Admin
 12/15/2019 12:11 AM EST
This match will be played best of 1 map played at full length (i.e. like a regular season match: two 30 minute halves, the first half contains winlimit of 3 rounds and the match in total is played until time runs out or a team wins 5 rounds in total). Teams will determine which map is played in match comms with the following pick ban system-

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks

The available maps are-


It is recommended that teams use the official RGL configs and plugins.

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to make sure that the correct configs have been setup correctly. If you have further questions or need a server to play on. Please contact an admin on discord.

If you need help setting up a server, check out this very simple and easy to follow guide.

woodchip - Rock Bottom
 12/15/2019 02:01 AM EST
We ban Redrock

jayyL - Pocket Fries Boogaloo
 12/15/2019 04:26 AM EST
we ban kalinka

alfredodan - Rock Bottom
 12/15/2019 02:01 PM EST
we ban domain, map is villa, we will host the server

alfredodan - Rock Bottom
 12/15/2019 04:00 PM EST
connect nfo-chicago.serveme.tf:27085; password cheesedonut

alfredodan Auto Generated - Rock Bottom
 12/15/2019 04:39 PM EST
Match score submitted.
Final score
Rock Bottom: 3.00
Pocket Fries Boogaloo: 0.00

Map Results
Rock Bottom: 5
Pocket Fries Boogaloo: 0