Match Date
11/25/2019 09:30 PM EST
Default Date
11/25/2019 09:30 PM EST

Match Comms


Aad Admin
 11/19/2019 02:16 PM EST
Welcome to RGL HL Season 4. This week will be a three map series where picks and bans will be completed through match comms. You have until Saturday night to have your picks and bans done, if you fail to pick/ban your maps in time the other team may be allowed to pick for you. The configs for playoffs will be "exec rgl_hl_koth" for KOTH maps (best of 3) and "exec rgl_hl_stopwatch" for stopwatch maps (best of 3, unless both teams agree to do a best of 1).

The pick/ban order will be as follows:

Away Ban
Home Ban
Home Pick
Away Pick
Away Ban
Home Pick

Maps are: Product, Lakeside, Ashville, Upward, Swiftwater, Steel, and Vigil

Lastly, please make sure you inform the enemy team of all ringers (including default ringers) you plan to use either through match comms or in a direct message. If you wish to contest the default allowance of a ringer, please contact an admin on Discord, so that they may decide whether the ringer is too experienced. Refer to the ringer sections here for more information.

Good luck and have fun this week, please let your division admin or moderator know if you have any questions!

Aad Admin
 11/20/2019 03:22 PM EST
* koth is played to best of 5 (first to 3 round wins)
stopwatch is still best of 3 (first to 2 halves; unless both teams agree to do a best of 1 half)

Bum - Utopia Turned Distopian
 11/20/2019 04:44 PM EST
we ban product

Brick HugHouse - No.3 Pencils
 11/20/2019 09:03 PM EST
we ban lakeside

Brick HugHouse - No.3 Pencils
 11/20/2019 09:06 PM EST
we pick vigil

NukingDragons - Utopia Turned Distopian
 11/20/2019 09:17 PM EST
we pick ashville

NukingDragons - Utopia Turned Distopian
 11/20/2019 09:18 PM EST
we ban upward

Brick HugHouse - No.3 Pencils
 11/20/2019 09:22 PM EST
we pick steel

Brick HugHouse Auto Generated - No.3 Pencils
 11/25/2019 11:40 PM EST
Match score submitted.
Final score
No.3 Pencils: 2.25
Utopia Turned Distopian: 0.75

Map Results
No.3 Pencils: 3
Utopia Turned Distopian: 1

No.3 Pencils: 2
Utopia Turned Distopian: 1