EU Season 4

Div-1 Semi Finals

Match Date
10/26/2019 09:00 PM CEST
Default Date
10/23/2019 08:00 PM CEST

Home 0.83
Away 2.17

Match Comms


Albert Admin
 10/20/2019 01:47 PM CEST
Welcome to round 2 of the losers bracket within playoffs,
The loser of this game will still have third place to be proud of, but the victor of this match will go to the finals!
Each playoff game will play as a Best of 3 map series. KOTH maps will be still be played to BO5 (first team to 3 round wins) but now stopwatch maps will be played BO3 (whoever gets the best time twice wins). The only exception to this is if stopwatch maps are selected as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd maps, in that particular case, if teams need to play that 3rd stopwatch map, its BO1.
The three maps will be selected from the maps which were played during the regular season.
Map selection is as follows Away bans, Home bans, Away picks, Home picks, Away bans, Home picks
Majestic-12, you are the first to ban a map, what do you select? (Please state your choices with "we ban " or "we pick ")

Albert Admin
 10/20/2019 01:48 PM CEST
Hello all,
For the sake of balancing,
Bees ( cannot play Soldier and
Spanns ( cannot play Scout
If either breaks the pledge, their team will receive a default loss for the map.

Peace Auto Generated - Sunburst
 10/22/2019 07:07 PM CEST
Proposed rescheduled match date of Saturday, October 26 2019 09:00 PM CEST

Edgar Auto Generated - Majestic-12
 10/22/2019 07:50 PM CEST
Accepted match date of Saturday, October 26 2019 09:00 PM CEST

Peace - Sunburst
 10/25/2019 09:47 PM CEST
product, badwater, coalplant decider

Peace - Sunburst
 10/26/2019 07:56 PM CEST was allowed to merc med