EU Season 4

Week 4

Match Date
09/18/2019 08:00 PM CEST
Default Date
09/18/2019 08:00 PM CEST

Home 3.00
Away 0.00

Match Comms


Noot Admin
 09/12/2019 09:41 PM CEST
Welcome to Week 4!

This weeks maps are pl_upward (played on "rgl_7s_stopwatch.cfg") and koth_warmtic_b6 (played on "rgl_7s_koth_bo5.cfg").

If you have any questions or need help, check out the FAQ on our Discord server at or message an admin.

Good luck and have fun!

Noot Admin
 09/12/2019 09:43 PM CEST
The match has been forfeited in favor of KGB.

Noot Admin
 09/12/2019 09:44 PM CEST
Dear KGB,

Due to an uneven amount of teams in this division not all teams get to play every week. Therefore, this week is a bye week for you, meaning that instead of playing this match you will get full points for free.