P7 AU Season 3 Steel

Match Date
Not set
Default Date
09/26/2019 09:07 PM AEST
Latest Reschedule Date
09/19/2019 10:00 AM AEST

Home 0.00
Away 1.60

Match Comms


RRLUCKY - Menacing menaces
 09/19/2019 01:32 PM AEST
Can do today or tmmrw night

Weather - THE BOYS
 09/20/2019 01:47 PM AEST
Waiting to hear from the rest of the team, but most likely tomorrow night or another date. I'll get back to you

Weather - THE BOYS
 09/21/2019 04:29 PM AEST
Tonight isn't looking likely, any other dates you guys are available next week?

Weather - THE BOYS
 09/26/2019 11:42 AM AEST
Are you guys down for the default match date/TONIGHT?

 10/01/2019 12:05 AM AEST
The match has been forfeited in favor of THE BOYS. The remaining 1.4 points can still be won. Teams can reschedule the match prior to the end of the regular season and play for them.