EU Season 4

Week 1

Match Date
08/28/2019 08:00 PM CEST
Default Date
08/28/2019 08:00 PM CEST

Home 1.75
Away 1.25

Match Comms


Albert Admin
 08/26/2019 03:02 AM CEST
Welcome to Season 4 of RGL Prolander!

Fresh for this season is our 2 maps per week system, where King of the Hill (KOTH) maps are played until a team wins 3 rounds and Stopwatch (Payload and CP) maps are won by the team that manages to capture more points or captures the same amount of points in a shorter time. When it comes to reporting the scores, all you need to know is what teams won how many rounds on each map, the website will then distribute points.

The first map this week, koth_product_rcx requires the "rgl_koth.cfg" config, however the winlimit needs to be changed through console using "rcon mp_winlimit 3". For the second map this week, pl_badwater, all you need to do is change the config to "rgl_stopwatch.cfg".

Do remember that the home team should provide the server unless otherwise agreed, is a popular choice for this. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask in the support channel of our Discord server at

Best of luck and have fun!

Albert Admin
 08/26/2019 03:09 AM CEST
Hello all,
Just a reminder that in order for Weeb Specs to be balanced for Div-1, the team has agreed that some of their members will avoid their stronger classes, these are:
Hellish ( - Cannot play Demoman
Kaper ( - Cannot play Scout
GODMODE ( - Cannot play Sniper
Cykaz ( - Cannot play Scout, Cannot play Soldier, Cannot play Sniper
Mia ( - Can play whatever she pleases
Sebbo ( - Cannot play Sniper

Albert Admin
 08/26/2019 03:10 AM CEST
Sacrilege ( - Cannot play Soldier
Odin ( - Cannot play Demoman, Cannot play Heavy
Lyte ( - Can play whatever he pleases
gmbit ( - Can play whatever he pleases
traitor ( - Cannot play Scout
If this pledge is broken, this team will receive a default loss for the map.

Blayze - Londonistan
 08/26/2019 03:15 AM CEST

Albert Admin
 08/26/2019 10:59 PM CEST
Hello everyone,
Just writing to say that the new config for best of 5 koth maps is now available on and is called RGL_koth5.cfg. You can use this config instead of the old RGL_koth.cfg so you don't have to manually change the mp_winlimit. Instead, this config does it all by itself. Of course the old method still works fine.

Albert Admin
 08/28/2019 06:37 PM CEST
Good afternoon,
The class restrictions on Weeb spaces were reconsidered yesterday due to how the team composition of Div-1 has changed, sorry for any confusion.
All players can play whatever classes they please aside from:
Kaper ( - Cannot play Scout
GODMODE ( - Cannot play Sniper
Cykaz ( - Cannot play Scout, Cannot play Soldier, Cannot play Sniper
Sebbo ( - Cannot play Sniper
Sacrilege ( - Cannot play Soldier

hellish Auto Generated - Weeb Specs
 08/28/2019 09:16 PM CEST
Match score submitted. Final score
Weeb Specs: 2.0