- Important Season Dates
- Updated RGL Plugin (With Competitive Fixes and Season 3 Whitelist)
- If you are using a serveme server, make sure you use the command "rcon sm_cf rgl", This will activate all of the required comp fixes.

Sixes S1 W2-A - Gullywash

Match Date
08/28/2019 10:30 PM EDT
Default Date
08/27/2019 10:30 PM EDT

Home 0.25
Away 2.75

Match Comms


sigafoo Admin
 08/23/2019 08:21 PM EDT
Welcome to the second week of RGL-Traditional Sixes Season 1!

In this first week you will be playing cp_gullywash_final1. This is a 5cp map meaning we will be using the 5cp Rules.

In the first half use the config rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1.cfg
rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1.cfg

In the second half use the config rgl_sixes_5cp_B.cfg
rcon exec rgl_sixes_5cp_B.cfg

If it is tied after two halves, use the golden cap config: rgl_6s_5cp_gc.cfg
rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_gc.cfg

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to make sure that the correct configs have been setup correctly. If you have further questions or need a server to play on, please contact your division admin on discord.

If you need help setting up a server, check out this very simple and easy to follow guide

Cielael - DoublePlusGood
 08/26/2019 07:49 PM EDT
We are unable to play Tuesday, and as such would like to reschedule to Wednesday at 7:30 PDT.

Cielael Auto Generated - DoublePlusGood
 08/26/2019 07:49 PM EDT
Proposed a match date of Wednesday, August 28 2019 10:30 PM EDT

The opposing team has 24 hours to respond using the "Schedule Match" tab in this match page. Failure to do so will auto-accept this match time.

sigafoo Auto Generated
 08/27/2019 07:54 PM EDT
Charizard Gang failed to respond to the proposed match date within 24 hours.

The match date has been set to Wednesday, August 28 2019 10:30 PM EDT

Cielael - DoublePlusGood
 08/28/2019 08:27 PM EDT
Server info: connect tf2.sunder.icu; password Utjc3ws6dTYCkV

Starman - Charizard Gang
 08/28/2019 08:53 PM EDT
That works, pretty sure serveme has been having issues anyways. See you tonight!

Starman Auto Generated - Charizard Gang
 08/28/2019 11:05 PM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Charizard Gang: 0.250