Match Date
04/20/2019 08:30 PM EDT
Default Date
04/20/2019 08:30 PM EDT

Match Comms


exa_ Admin
 04/17/2019 06:03 PM EDT
Welcome to Group Stage Round 2 of the Experimental HL Cup! This match will be on pl_vigil_rc4: https://tf2maps.net/threads/vigil.27088/Vigil will be played best of 3 (first to 2). Please make sure you exec the right config for Vigil (stopwatch). The config is rgl_HL_stopwatch.

You can also leave map specific feedback for the map here: https://forums.highlander.tf/thread-490.html
Use this to coordinate any ringers or concerns you have with the match in order to properly document your needs. Without proper documentation it makes our jobs as an admin much harder, and we want to be as fair as possible in the spirit of competition.

If you have anything that is sensitive or extremely important do not hesitate to message your division admin on Discord or Steam. The help channel in discord is also a very good option.

exa_ Admin
 04/17/2019 06:04 PM EDT
There was an error with scheduling this match. The matchup has been corrected. Apologies in advance.

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/17/2019 07:22 PM EDT
Hey guys, do you want us to host or would you rather? One of our members has serveme premium but if you guys already have a server set up we can just use that.

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/19/2019 07:56 PM EDT
We actually gonna schedule this or are you guys just not gonna reply

Flip - Flippin Out
 04/20/2019 04:14 PM EDT
oh sorry it would be better if you guys hosted

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 05:38 PM EDT
Alright. I'll send connect info here in about 2 hours

Flip - Flippin Out
 04/20/2019 07:40 PM EDT

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 08:14 PM EDT
We accept those

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 08:24 PM EDT
connect taylor.serveme.tf:27045; password Awoo

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 08:25 PM EDT

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 08:34 PM EDT

Suspio - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 08:35 PM EDT
our sniper ring

Flip - Flippin Out
 04/20/2019 08:37 PM EDT

Suspio Auto Generated - gape station reloaded
 04/20/2019 09:30 PM EDT
Match score submitted. Final score
gape station reloaded: 3.0
Flippin Out:0.0