EU Season 3

Div-3 Bronze Match

Match Date
04/24/2019 08:00 PM CEST
Default Date
04/24/2019 08:00 PM CEST

Away 0.00

Match Comms


Albert Admin
 04/12/2019 08:49 PM CEST
Both of these teams have made great strides this season, it's only natural we test who's stronger in this match for 3rd place!
Do note that the default date for this match is the 24th April rather than the 17th April due to Copenhagen LAN,
This playoff game will play as a BO3 map series. KOTH maps will be played first team to 3 round wins and Stopwatch maps will be played in full. Though if a stopwatch map is selected for the 3rd map, teams will only play 1 half of it (only if a payload map is in the first two maps.)

You have the choice of the full 7 maps played this season (Please state your bans with "we ban " or "we pick ")
pl_upward, koth_product_rc9, pl_borneo, koth_cascade_rc1a, pl_badwater_pro_v12, koth_coalplant_b8 and cp_steel

The pick ban process for these 7 maps is
Away Ban,
Home Ban,
Away Pick,
Home Pick,
Away Ban,
Home pick
Morgenstern, it is your first pick as to what to ban, what is your choice?

Ode - Morgenstern
 04/22/2019 09:54 PM CEST
We ban cp_steel.

.Swagger_ - Amocitia 2 Pepega
 04/23/2019 06:36 PM CEST
we ban coalplant

Ode - Morgenstern
 04/23/2019 07:29 PM CEST
We pick koth_cascade_rc1a.

.Swagger_ - Amocitia 2 Pepega
 04/23/2019 07:41 PM CEST
we pick pl_borneo

Ode - Morgenstern
 04/23/2019 07:52 PM CEST
We ban koth_product_rc9.

.Swagger_ - Amocitia 2 Pepega
 04/23/2019 08:08 PM CEST
we pick upward

.Swagger_ Auto Generated - Amocitia 2 Pepega
 04/24/2019 09:08 PM CEST
Match score submitted. Final score
Amocitia 2 Pepega: 3.0