EU Season 3

Week 3 - Borneo

Match Date
02/27/2019 08:00 PM CET
Default Date
02/27/2019 08:00 PM CET

Match Comms


Albert Admin
 02/23/2019 09:51 PM CET
Hello and welcome to week 3 of RGL Prolander!

This weeks map is pl_borneo so be sure to use the rgl_stopwatch config
This match is Best of 3 so it's the first team to get the better time twice who wins.
For a detailed description of how Payload/Stopwatch works, and the general rules see
Do remember that the home team should provide the server unless otherwise agreed, a popular choice for this
If there's any questions, don't be afraid to go to the support channel in our discord ( of luck, and have fun!

v1km4n Auto Generated - KTO-TO SKAZAL BLINI?
 02/27/2019 09:13 PM CET
Match score submitted. Final score
Morgenstern: 0