Prolander Cup #7 Finals/Lower bracket

Match Date
12/12/2021 04:30 PM EST
Default Date
12/12/2021 04:30 PM EST

Home 0.00
Away 3.00

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Last Comment:
Otter Admin
 12/12/2021 04:05 PM EST
Last game! Playoffs are a two match single elimination, best of 1 map pick/ban tournament with the top four teams of your division to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
The available maps are :

koth_ashville_rc2d (best of 5, rgl_7s_koth.cfg)
pl_vigil_rc7 (best of 3, rgl_7s_stopwatch.cfg)
koth_cascade_rc2 (Best of 5, rgl_7s_koth.cfg)

The pick bans process will be:
Away ban map
Home decides the map

The winners of this match will earn third place. If you dont pick/ban the map you want before the due date, you will have to post it in match comms!

As before, DM me on discord @Otter Swimmer#6168 or open a support ticket for assistance

Kastaling AUTO GENERATED - hop on fallguys
 12/12/2021 04:09 PM EST
Final Pick/Ban Results
Yeye - BANNED - koth_ashville_rc2d
hop on fallguys - PICKED - pl_vigil_rc7

sakura Auto Generated - Yeye
 12/12/2021 04:55 PM EST
Match score submitted.
Final score
hop on fallguys: 0.0
Yeye: 3.0

Map Results
hop on fallguys: 0
Yeye: 2